Review: Black Diamond Viper Ice tools


Love these ice tools for pure waterfall ice climbing (found they weren’t as ideal in alpine compared to Cobras). I really like the weight of these, which are definitely heftier than the Cobras, but the heft, which absolutely is not too heavy, does make it easy for beginners to get a really good swing/stick. The adjustable FlickLock is also really nice for adjusting your hand-placement for different terrain and allows you to get two hand comfortably on the tool. You can customize the pick for mixed climbing as well.




$249.95 (10% off BD if you buy two)



Weight :  [Hammer] 570 g (1 lb 4 oz)

[Adze] 595 g (1 lb 5 oz)

Length :  50 cm

Head :  Stainless steel

Pick :  Chromoly steel

Shaft :  Aluminum

Grip :  TPU


PROS: Good fit for my small lady hands, nice balanced weight for an easy swing, can accommodate a leash if your into that sort of thing. 

CONS: Sticky in the ice/hard to get out (must file!!)

TIPS: File these guys! It really gets rid of that ‘stick’ and I found is a must!