Review: DeLorme InReach SE

This satellite device was awesome when I was In Kashmir (Yes, I know they aren't allowed there) as well as other remote areas of Northern India. I also plan on taking it to Denali for the two-way messaging. 

 When traveling or climbing in remote areas (oftentimes alone or with other females) the InReach did give me a sense of security and control!

When traveling or climbing in remote areas (oftentimes alone or with other females) the InReach did give me a sense of security and control!



The Delorme InReach SE is a satellite communicator with GPS tracking. You can send an SOS message for emergency help, as well as receive and send text messages, AND track where you are using pin drops via GPS. This all can happen way, way out of cellphone service!


This was great for traveling as well as climbing in remote locations. The two-way messaging worked amazingly no matter where I was. AND I could use the tracking to drop pins of where I was, which was nice that people back home could see where I was exactly when I pinned, and it was super cool to look at later (didn't even realize how close I was to Afghanistan until I looked at my InReach!) Also this device lets you know when you messages were successfully delivered. 


Okay ladies, surprisingly, I am terrible with technology! But I even figured this one out. You have to activate your device to get anything at all to work on it. It took some time, but what is great about this device is you can choose a month-to-month plan. You can also download maps of areas that you know you will be ahead of time to your device, which is so helpful.

You can set-up contacts in your device, which makes it easy to select and send texts or tracking info without too much messing around. 

You can also set-up your tracking to occur every 10 minutes to four hours (I usually do four hours because it uses less battery life). 


The InReach SE is 7oz. 

Its waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. 

The SOS button is a lock button so you won't accidentally set it off (this was a concern of mine) 

Super simple to operate, straightforward with only a few buttons. 


You can really go deep into how to use the features of this device, but I figured you ladies can all read directions pretty well. This is just an overview of what I used it for, and I have to say that it does what it says it will and I would highly recommend it to any female traveling in remote areas, or climbing/mountaineering in remote locations. It gave me a sense of security in areas where I would be the only female traveler, and has been great for two-way texting high in the mountains!